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June 2016 - Fresno CA (PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE Fundraiser) , Las Vegas, Nashville TN, Oklahoma City OK, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Atlanta GA


July 2016 - Los Angeles CA, Nashville TN , Las Vegas NV, New York NY, San Jose, San Francisco CA


August 2016 - Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Fairfax VA, College Park MD, Las Vegas NV, New York NY, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Seattle WA


September 2016  San Jose CA, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV, Nashville TN, Anaheim CA, Cleveland OH, Akron OH, Cincinnati OH, Kansas City MO,


I want to say thanks to all of you for ALL of your support this year! It's been a busy and really good year so far, and considering the constant news earlier in the year about how bad the economy is we're very grateful for how this year is going!


A BIG "thank you" has to be said to YOU as a fan! Without the support of the fans, I'd be worrying about how to buy food and pay rent, so please know how truly grateful I am!  By the way, for all of you who have been asking and patiently waiting ...We're recording the new Record right now... so stay tuned!!


Some cool things coming up I wanted to share with you - our Charity Celebrity Christmas CD/Album project is being put together, recorded and marketed for next year and we're busy getting ready for its launch, which I'm really excited about- we've got several A-List Celebs joing us and you'll be able to get this in stores across the USA for a REALLY great price!  We are proud to have ALL proceeds being donated to charity for this project including our Music and Wellness program called PLAY MUSIC - ENJOY LIFE ! and we've started recording the new CD/Album so for all of those that have been asking, we're "on" it!!


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